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Narwhaltex Limited - Combines a lot of crypto projects associated with earning money, we are the future that is already available to all comers.

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We officially started in 2022 and registered our company in Hong Kong as #3199923. Narwhaltex is something new in the world of cryptocurrency, we are an ecosystem of many projects such as trading, forex, crowdfunding, currency exchange and others

Our advantages
Private and safe

The best protection protocols against ddos attacks are installed. Reliable ssl certificate. Improved account security.

Instant withdrawal

All payments are made automatically, the withdrawal in manual mode within 24 hours.

Public Official

Our organization has official status as a legal entity in Hong Kong under the number 3199923

Narwhaltex Limited is something new in the world of cryptocurrency, we are an investment platform that can offer you all the most profitable ways to make money on one platform.
Our team consists of thousands of people working in offices in China, Turkey, Netherlands, where all these specialists work day and night to profit from different crypto platforms. We work on our own capital, which we collected thanks to our investors, and users of this website. (The earning scheme is transparent and all our capital can be tracked by our accounting reports for the year presented in the tables).
In addition to the usual types of earning, we also accept opportunities such as blockchain and crowdfunding. We take care of the most complex processes - risk assessment, capital allocation - while all we offer you is automatic profits.
We have analyzed a lot of investment, trading, forex and other processes and came to the conclusion that the most optimal percentage of profit is 3 percent a day on a termless tariff. At the weekend your profit will be 1.5 percent. Your main investment or part of it can be withdrawn at any time after 24 hours from the time of deposit. (The fee for this procedure is 10%. The withdrawal procedure takes up to 24 hours)

For more information, please visit the About page.
Embracing only the best
Our business ideas

Trading on the stock exchange (Forex) - is constant and painstaking work on the stock exchange: reviewing analytics, monitoring the market, working on a diversified investment portfolio.

Digital cryptocurrency exchanges - A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where we trade and exchange one digital currency for another, we get a percentage for a more favorable rate.

P2P lending - usually stands for "peer-to-peer lending" ("lending among peers", "peer-to-peer lending")

Cryptocurrency mining - Everyone knows the kind of earnings. We are engaged in renting equipment and using it to create another structural unit

Assemble your team

We have created two types of referral program for you. On the basic level as a regular participant you will receive 5% from referrals of level 1 and 1% from each referral of level 2 and 3.

For active users of our project, we have provided an advanced bonus system that will depend on the turnover. 2500 - 5000-10000-25000 USD in the amount of 10% from referrals of the 1st level and 1% from referrals of 2-3-4-5 levels. And so on for each level. More details can be found with us.

Our personal cryptocurrency wallet

To make our system more stable and able to earn additional profits in our future projects there is a creation of our own crypto wallet and currency NARW. Thereby we will free ourselves from any dependence on bitcoin, commissions and delays of this payment system.

Currently we are developing and attracting application developers. We plan to finish the work by the 2nd quarter of 2023